Thursday, January 20

Copious Amounts of Wine.

Dinner with old friends is such fun. We spent last night at an Italian restaurant in Mount Lawley and drank copious amounts of wine. I did a purple smoky eye for the occasion and wore my hair in its usual top knot. Until I get a hair appointment, that's how it’s staying! I need to try and study today, I feel guilty whenever i catch glimpse of my text book. Stupid text book.

April Rose 


Sophie said...

love that leopard print top!

Maebe Isadora said...

oh sieners is wonderful for girly catch ups! you girlys look like your having a fantastic time!

my dinner of curry at two fat indians was scrumptious!

agree with the top knot... until I can get an appointment, thats the way mine stays too! perfect go to style for when all else fails!

April Rose said...

Yum Laura! I have gone there yet, its next on my list! I think the staff at Sienna's were hoping for us to leave in the end.. we were a tad rowdy!

Abby said...

ohhh dinner adventures are wonderful!

ahh wine, Ive been so good I haven't drank any all week! i usually cant resist the allure of a delicious glass of wine!!


chow (heart+bleecker) said...

im so excited to be living off beaufort st soon...i need to try all the restaurants along there! your makeup looks great! dont stress too much about studying...actually dont listen to me, i'm a chronic last minute study-er ;)


Abi said...

Dinner with good company just never gets old does it? Sounds like you had a jolly good time. You look lovely with the top knot

All the best with the studying. I need to get on with it as well. Phew

Dylana Suarez said...

Looks like so much fun!


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