Tuesday, January 18

Pretty in Pink.

The picture above is a little teaser for you all... this is the look we are going for in the Spring/Summer range for Little Gracie. How pretty! Oh and for those of you who have been wondering, my Gorgeous brush roll has been a life saver so far! I have used it on a few people and they have commented on how soft the bristles are, which is always a good thing, and the precision when applying product is wonderful. I definitely recommend these brushes!

April Rose


Hannah said...

Oh very exciting! very pretty :) x

The Velvet Bow said...

Ahh this is lovely. I can imagine it being a perfect fit for Little Gracie's whimsical designs. Looking forward to see what you girls come up with for your next shoot!

Abby said...

Oh absolutely pretty town! I wish I had skills in make up, i think if I tried that I'd end up looking like I had a weird rash or something!


Le Fanciulle said...

Wow that looks exactly like the makeup version of Little Gracie clothing. As in: sweet, pretty and...pink? haha :) Cant wait to see it! xx S

Anonymous said...

Hey Chicky,
Just been reading your past posts and its so inspiring to see your going towards your dream job! I’m in the same boat at the moment wanting to get out of the corporate thing and study! Just such a hard transition, but I can see your loving it and its so wonderful to see!

I did my Cert II at The Perth College of Beauty in Vic Park and it was so much fun! I can see why you would love to do the diploma I even was contemplating it at one stage :)

Lovely blog hun! Perth Bloggers are always the best ;)


pepperandbaxter said...

Oooo I work in a store that sells Little Gracie - SOOOO pretty!! I love all of her stuff.
Can't wait to see this collection - and the make up of course!!

Georgia said...

Ohhh glad to hear the brush roll is treating you well! :)

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