Thursday, July 29

 I got my balayage redone today and here is a dodgy web cam shot to show you all! 
For all perth girls i go to Sheer in West Perth. They were the only ones in Perth that knew what balayage was a few years ago and knew exactly what i was after today when i popped in.
Do you likey? 

 S has such a sweet tooth! His mums side of the family are American which has left him with a passion for candy, cake and anything with sugar. I on the hand, rather savoury than sweet, and found all the sugar in the states a bit of an overload!

 Look! 4D glasses and a matching swatch watch! 
We saw The Wizard of Oz in 4D, which meant there was smoke, and lights and even water and shaking seats. Exciting stuff. I'm at home at the moment, relaxing, unpacking and watching Sex and the City. Its fun, i keep recognising the streets and restaurants. What a dag! 

April Rose


Amy Antlers said...

Very nice! The colour really suits you :)

I really love that Swatch watch. Reminds me of my childhood.

The Velvet Bow said...

The hair looks wonderful, reminds me of Miss Foster! All the girls in Melb had balayage and it looked so good, I am seriously thinking of ditching the red in favour of natural brown graduating to dark blonde ends. What do you think? x

April Rose said...

oh but Jessie you just got that beautiful colour in!! if i wasnt so lazy with colour i would go red too.

Amy, when i was a kid i had a swatch and i drowned it at the pool, mum was so mad she didnt let me get another one. At 23 i thought it was time to go behind mums back and get me a swatch.

Jadegrrrl said...

The new hair looks amazing <3 adore!

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