Friday, May 14

Unique New York, Unique New York

Image from the SunBlog

Ahhhh Ron Burgundy you are a wonderful man. I think Anchorman is one of my favourite movies. That and The Boondock Saints, two spunky Irish vigilantes, what isn't there to love?

This post isn't about movies fyi, its actually about how I'm going to New York in July. The BF and i have always spoken about going to the Big Apple and with so many distractions coming up in the next few years we figured now was the best time. He has taken 6 months off from uni to pay for the trip. That's right, I'm a kept woman!
The itinerary for the trip is a tad rough at the moment, but in MY mind we will be visiting Bobbi Brown, Sephora, MAC, NARS... and many other beautyish places.
As it will be summer there and the heart of winter here i am rather worried about flashing my flabbyivebeeninhibernation boday to the world. I don't even know if i will be able to dress in my favourite playsuit and don my heels to pound the pavement like this lass.

Image from Mr Newton
Amidst the excitement of planning NY outfits and daydreaming about raiding the Bobbi store, i am fretting over what to wear on the plane... I know, i know that i will just be sitting there for 30 hours (30hours!!!) and why should it matter. But i cant go to the local deli without a bit of slap on the mug and wearing a semi presentable Kit so there.
My aim was Jersey sheek... the thought of wearing a soft grey jersey slouch blazer with some harem pants and my fav tan Wittner flats was very appealing. But The hunt for a blazer was sidetracked though when i saw these...

Picture fom the Bonds Fan site.
They looked amazing in the campaign, just the right amount of slouch with a skinny leg. Harem meets track meets a tailored leg. I love them, but as i am lacking in the height department they don't quite sit right.
Hmm the search is still on for the perfect plane kit.
April Rose


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Rachel said...

I have the jersey version of these, love them!
I'm also lacking in the height department - i know how you feel!

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