Tuesday, May 11

My name is April Rose. I like long walks on the beach and Cats.

Time for a little snippet of Perth life i think?

Tonight i had dinner at Goreng Goreng. Best noodles ever. Its so cheap and the meals are heeeuge. I don't eat meat so its a super good option for moi. The boy likes it too! Embarrassingly we eat there about three nights a week. Monday they aren't open, Tuesday, Wednesday dinner with the in laws, Thursday night aaaaannddd sometimes Froiday. aha.

This weekend we are going to Flying Taco, another regular haunt. Also another good one for Vegos. Hmm this isn't a food blog but i tend to spend more money on food than clothes so it may end up being one?

We are also going to see Vampire Weekend. I think my beloved will wear a bow tie and i will wear something similar. An ode to the preppy goodness that is VW. I'm a little nervous about the event being at Metro's... last time i was near there i nearly got stabbed.
But hey, who would be wanting to stab someone wearing a bow tie?

Maybe we will dance like this....

Which is how the boy and i tend to roll after a *ahem* couple glasses of champers.

I was hoping to do an outfit post tonight, but i realised this morning that without a tripod or someone to take the pics its a tad hard? hmmm something to work on i thunk.

Oh also, how good are Magnum Golds? Good enough to warrant one a night i think. I mean come on, they are limited edition!!

Sigh.. enough nonsense for one night.

April Rose

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Jess said...

Ok sooo just need to set this straight: I love love love Goreng Goreng and The Flying Taco AND Magnum Golds too! So many good vego places in Mt Lawley and surrounds (I'm a Maylands gal myself).

Hooray for little Perth and being vegetarian :)


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