Monday, May 10

First things first.

Sigh... Another blog. That's what you are all thinking, right? Right?
I admit it has taken me 3 years of humming and ahhing to do this...
Will i talk about my private life? what will i post? will i remember to update? what if people laugh at my atrocious spelling? do i reaaaally want to be another blog floating out there to be updated three times and left to rot?These were just a few of my hesitations.It took three of my dear friends leaving the country to finally stop procrastinating (a wonderful trait of mine) and create the damn thing. Hopefully this way they can feel in touch with little ol' Perth and moi.

what to do for my first post? Introducing myself would be a great start.
So, Haiiii! my name is April Rose and I'm 23. I live in Perth and for the most part, i enjoy it. Sometimes i like to join in on the "i hate Perth" rants that are usually to be had whilst waiting in line for 1 of our 3 clubs, but like i said, i actually don't mind it.I have a cat, whom i love a bit more than i should, and a boyfriend who i love the appropriate amount.I have a housemate and a job and a car. I think as this baby is brand spanking new i don't want to divulge toooo much, but it will come my dears, it will come.
.. along with beauty product reviews, street snaps of pretty lads and gals and maybe one or two posts from my OS friends.Oh and also way too many pics of my cat.
This will be fun y'all.

April Rose

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