Friday, October 29


Let me introduce Bee. She is 25, nutty, cat obsessed, and a genius with scissors.

Stepping into Bee’s salon, Peggy Sues, was a very different hair experience for me. Walking through Last Chance Studios then through a kitchen and up a winding staircase (careful not to step on the sleeping kitty!) makes you feel as though you are visiting a friend, not a hairdresser which is always a good thing! Once seated and robed Bee and I have a chat about what I want and within 5 minuets of talking we both come to a decision... Mermaid hair*. Otherwise known as hair with lots of layers, swish and length, mermaid hair is something I have always longed for and Bee is just as excited as I am about achieving it.

She gets straight into the washing and cutting, (no messing around here) and a short while later I am a very happy lady with pretty mermaid hair. We decided not to redo my balayage as once the layers were cut in, the colour popped out any ways. This saved me from wrecking my hair with more dye and also saved my pennies! Bee even gave me a quick lesson on how to style my new do at home. Very nice.

If you are after a salon that is comfortable, kitsch, friendly and fun then Peggy Sues Is for you.
If you prefer mood music, cups of tea and white walls then look elsewhere. Bee was previously employed with Circles Subiaco and she charges extremely low prices for the level of expertise offered. For a full price list head here or here.

*Mermaid hair is a purely made up hair term. Or perhaps it is a new technical term? meh.
April Rose



chow (heart+bleecker) said...

ahhh your hair looks AMAZING like that! is it naturally wavy? her hair studio is so cute!!

and no, i didn't end up going to fashion fights, i had to pull a late night at uni :( one day we will meet! :)

Tara said...

Oh pretty! I have wanted to go to Peggy Sues for ages, I think now I will actually have to make an appointment and go! It looks amazing!

April Rose said...

Chow this is actually the next day too! My hair is crazy curly, the picture above was after alot of heat styling. cra cra crazy.

Tara, seriously book now, she is nearly fully booked for December eeep!

Angela said...

Looks gorgeous!

The Velvet Bow said...

It looks so great! Did you get extensions or was your hair already that long?

April Rose said...

It’s all real! That’s why I was so happy with it; she layered it to bring out the length. GENIUS I tell ya.

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