Saturday, December 25

The holiday season.

Christmas day was spent with S and his family eating copious amounts of food, drinking and swimming. It has been very hot here in Perth and wearing a face full of makeup really isn’t an option. My fail safe hot weather makeup usually comprises of a bright lippy, minimal foundation (but lots of concealer) a nude shadow on the lid to cover veins aaannndddd big bold brows. 
Oh and big sunglasses usually help too!

Hope your holidays are going well.

April Rose


Tea said...

Aah cider :) my favourite is currently

the glasses look great on you

merry christmas!

Fabliha said...

the third picture is beautiful!


Jes said...

Ahh hope you had a lovely day hun xx

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

ahh those sunglasses <3

that cake looks amazing! hope your xmas was great missy xx

Jenna Maree-Kipling said...

marcjacobslovesyou, looks amazing :)
happy summer christmas
love love love
x jenna

Becky-May said...

i LOVE those sunglasses! where are they from?



April Rose said...

Becky you can purchase them here:

They are Marc by Marc Jacobs :)

Thanks for the well wishes guys, hope your Christmas was amazing!

Dropstitch said...

Love your sunnies! I agree about not being able to wear a face full of makeup when it's so hot - I didn't really bother wearing anything except a bit of SPF foundation - anythign else would have melted right off!

Annette @ Wellness WA said...

Sunnies look so great! I'm seriously considering getting them but want to try em on first, going to have a hunt around in the city! x

The Velvet Bow said...

You got the sunnies! They look super fabulous.

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