Monday, November 29

It's vintage darling.

Sometimes I wish that I could throw on a pair of docs, wear lots of layers and have a tan, but since starting this blog I have developed a sense of self awareness and I have finally realised that I am not Abbey Lee or Jessica Hart. It was kind of a sad moment for me as I really do like a lot of items that are in trend at the moment. But to be frank, I don’t tan well, im short, and wearing boots in summer looks ridiculous on me. Since making these earth shattering observations I realised that I still haven’t found a personal style of my very own and because of this I tend to gravitate towards a new look every few weeks.

But enough is enough. I’ve decided that I need to try and stick to one look for a little longer than a month. So after doing some research I have been inspired by an old school friend of mine who is now a successful burlesque dancer with the Perth Troupe, Sugar Blue Burlesque. I spent all weekend watching clips of the troupe dance together and also on their own, displaying their individual flair and skill. The vintage style that these girls adapt vary from the 20’s right up to the 60’s, a very glamorous period!

After watching these confident women, I realised that this style was perfect for me this summer. Its classy, requires dressing up and the outfits also suit my figure. Now when I shop, I wont trawl through racks of tight floral dresses that will accentuate all the parts of my body I despise, I will instead visit Modcloth, Awoke on a whale heart and The Ginger Fox to find a classic frock that will last me years.
April Rose


Jadegrrrl said...

I've found my fave clothes in op shops :) oh and I'm a short arse tooooo :D

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

i know how you feel. i can't encapsulate my style either...i just go with the flow and if something catches my eye i'm go for it!


Jes said...

I would totally say by looking at your blog that your style is quirky vintage, compliment :)
I so can't work vintage, I look like a girl playing dress ups in a bad way.

I have the same problem when I look in my wardrobe though, I have a mash of clothing that doesnt really work with every other piece, and my shoe collection is sad sad sad.

enough of my dribble..


Jenna Maree-Kipling said...

I love those two first pictures!
I also adore vintage thrift shops, new addiction ;)
x j

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