Thursday, October 21

Star Jump For Joy.

Here are a few of my work and play outfits from this week. I don’t own many pairs of jeans but the ones I do own are super duper comfy… almost in a motherly way! I found these at GAP and they are perfect as they graze my ankle, something I usually have to have professionally done as I am very small in stature. My lipstick is Revlon Colour Burst in Coral.

The crazy wedges are a gift to me from Girl Friday who found them in a second hand store.
I wore them to work with my felt green skirt which is also second hand and a black T- shirt with studs on the shoulders. I included a picture of my hair whacking me in the face as this is how it behaves most of the time!! When it is natural this is how curly it gets… its bigger in real life too.

Lastly this is Mushy, telling me he is hungry and wants cuddles. Probably at the same time.

April Rose


Abby said...

heyy pretty lady!!

I love those jeans, and I love that cat.
Cat's are rad.


Girl Friday said...

Oh the wedges look so good on you!

Your hair looks so nice with a wave like that, you should wear it like that more often.


Amie said...

i love that second outfit, so simple and chic :)
haha i love your cat's expression, its like "OMG what?"

x amie

Tea said...

Love that 2nd outfit, modern take on the 40's!
Mental note, must finally check out those Revlon lippies!

Angela said...

Oh how I wish my hair was like that naturally! You are so lucky! Mushy is soooo cute!

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

you look lovely missy! Those shoes are a great find! and your cat is adorable...i am such a sucker for cats :)


Le Fanciulle said...

Oooh you got the wedges! I'm glad they fit you, because they look fab :) and your hair is so pretty naturally, you should leave it like curly all the time! I especially love the second outfit, it's very elegant.
xx S

Stolen from Grandma said...

love the white shirt <3 xxx

Amy Antlers said...

I got Laneway tickets too! Really excited about Local Natives. Love your outfit too <3

The Velvet Bow said...

Those wedges look so good! I drooled over them when I saw them on Girl Friday and I am so happy you got them. Also I think your hair is mighty pretty when it is big and curly. Also I love your cat.

Sarah Bahbah said...

Cute! nice blog :-)

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