Wednesday, October 20


A few things that are floating my boat at the moment.

I received some of the final shots from my shoot with Haylie and Joel, this one is my favourite. I wish i could cuddle lambies all day long!

S and I purchased Laneway tickets this morning. Im looking forward to Les savy Fav, who apparently do insane live shows. The front man takes his clothes off and makes out with people in the crowd. YAY! I am also beyond excited for Foals; does any one remember the Skins episode which they played on? So good. I love their earlier sound from the Antidotes album, displaying the bands amazing Math Rock skilllllzzzz. The second album, Total Life Forever cemented my love and it has since grown. Dreamy sigh. Yeasayer just make me smile lots.

Are you going?

April Rose


Abby said...

argh I want laneways tickets!! jealous
Im not allowed to spend money at the moment though. sad sad sad.

heres hoping we run into each other someday when we are both drunken and loud! it would be fun!


April Rose said...

yes but you get to spend your money on lovely things like a wedding! Perth is so small that i am sure we shall meet one day m'dear.

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