Wednesday, July 28

Where to start? New York was smelly, loud, extravagant,excessive, friendly and fabulous. 
I miss it all ready!
One morning we woke up at 4.30 just because we were so excited to get outside and explore, we walked all the way to central park and watched the sun rise. 
The poofy skirt above is American apparel, it matches my rose necklace perfectly, i received so many compliments for both, American girls are so friendly! My trusty brown backpack was also a winner, especially with the masses of amazingly dressed gay men that flock to the city. 


When i was there I gots my nails did. Minx in the first few shots and then a few Manis afterwards. The manis were so much cheaper and more thorough in the states.
My minx was fun, but it didn't last too long which was disappointing, my polish lasted the same length of time and cost half the price! 
The ring i am wearing is from a flea market and the bag on my lap is my new Marc Jacobs. 
So i don't overwhelm you all with a gazillion pics ill do this in parts. Part two coming soon! 

April Rose


Damsels said...

i have that AA skirt .. and yea i agree the necklace would be perfect for ity .. i wish i had it .. gald you enjoyed your time in nyc

Amy Antlers said...

You look gorgeous! Love your outfits - it looked like you fit in perfectly over there.

April Rose said...

Damsels, the girls that make the necklaces are based in NY now, if you ask them they can customise necklaces for you!

Amy im seriously considering moving there...

pepperandbaxter said...

I am so completely jealous right now! I'd kill to go to new york!
And that necklace is gorgeous. I got a yellow one flowered one when I was in Melbourne a few months ago and I really want to get a clustered blue one next.

The Velvet Bow said...

Looks like you had a killer time! Love the Minx nails, so jealous. Also the aa skirt is divine. Can't wait to see the next lot of pics!

Linda said...

I LOVE the second photo! Well, I love them all, but the second photo is amazing as is the skirt.

I love New York. Dying to go back one day!

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