Monday, July 5

Campfire Stories

Every year my family holds a party on their farm. Its a chance to burn all the debris over the last year and for every one to turn a tad feral. It was minus two degrees when we lit this, and we were all heated within seconds. The dog always gets over excited and konks out with someone half way through the night. I like the contrast of the excruciating cold and the intense heat.

I also like packing. Which is what ive started doing tonight.
Packing gives me a chance to reflect on my most treasured pieces in my wardrobe. 
Items such as my sequins and second hand finds always bring a smile to my face.

April Rose


The Velvet Bow said...

I spy a lot of things I love: beads, leopard, pearls, tartan, and potentially a staffy cross dog? :D

p.s How long until you leave now?

WrenRennard said...

That is a legendary fire!
Great post x

April Rose said...

yazies! not long now... 4 days!

Good luck with your launch WrenRennard :)

Cotton Socks said...

omgish ! thats huge!
do you get scared it will go out of control and spread?
i'd start to panic! haha

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