Wednesday, July 6

Grass stained knees.

Hello all! Here are some behind the scenes shots from our Little Gracie Spring/Summer 2011/12 Campaign. We took three beautiful girls up to the hills for a day of frolicking, prancing and shivering (it was FREEZING today!) The campaign will feature a video clip as well as still images from the day, and with a French Garden, peach picnic rug and flowers galore you are all in for a treat!

Next week I will be working on a test shoot with Claire from Stolen from Grandma and then hopping on a plane to Sydney for a Bobbi Brown training week. Oh and Ebony, the designer for Little Gracie is currently in Paris so a big huge thankyou needs to go to Claire for organising this in her absence!

April Rose


Stolen from Grandma said...

you are rather handy with the camera jacqui these turned out so good !

eeep im so excited to see them, im going to be a jitterbug until i do!! xxx

Maebe Isadora said...

these are just amazing! cant wait to see all the final shots?!? the models, the clothes, the setting, all perfect!

good luck on the test shoot and in your training course! cant wait to see what skills you bring back!

Tessa Kit said...

Wow this looks like it was amazing! So very excited to see the final images!


Dropstitch said...

Melville Nurseries? LOVE THAT PLACE :)

GEEKitty said...

love the messy hairstyles!

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