Sunday, October 3

Pretty Pastels

To celebrate the beautiful spring weather we were having today i wore a floral second hand dress that was passed down to me from a friend with my Ralph Lauren chambray shirt. Can you believe i got this shirt for $12 in the states! Ive worn it to death all ready and its going to be a life saver when its stinking hot in a few months.

When i was putting together my outfit today my mind kept going back to a comment that was left on one of my posts regarding Vintage clothing.. Le.Fanciulle I'm talking to you! It was mentioned in my last post that i could use vintage clothing to achieve any look i desire, something i actually do quiet often but i have never really discussed on here.

I realised i haven't worn much vintage on this blog since it started,  but a few years ago I used to wear so much that i constantly had an air of old lady musk about me! I have a lot of pieces that i have thrashed over the years and this scarf  is one of them. I found it in Midland at a store that is no longer there, a smelly woman used to run it and S and i discovered some of our best buys there. The scarf opens right up to be  the same size as me and it has a beautiful oriental pattern on it. 

Due to time constraints (Vintage stores in Perth are only open during the week and Saturday mornings!)  and a change in style i don't op shop as much as i would like any more, but i still go back time and time again to my old favourites. I'm going to to give you all a look into my scarf collection soon, its monstrous! 

I have included a sneak peak of what i will be doing this weekend coming... a hint for you all is it involves the label Little Gracie and Araluen Botanic Park! 

April Rose


Jes said...

Cant wait to see shots from next week hun! Love Araluen & LG. Great mix.

Bonsai said...

Beautiful outfit, love the colour scheme. That pretty necklace compliments the dress perfectly.

Amie said...

i love the colours! such a perfect spring look
the necklace is gorgeous

SimoneWrenRennard said...

Looking gorgeous lady! x

Girl Friday said...

Beautiful lovely, that necklace is to die for! Are you on lookbook? xx

LeFanciulle said...

Cute topknot!!

Frou Frou said...

Stunning outfit. Looks like the perfect Spring day.

klee said...

Pretty colours!
Love your blog - I am also an aussie blogger :)
Klee xx

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