Saturday, October 16

Fashion Fights Breast Cancer.

 Little Gracie, jungle fever, amazingly cute girls and chanel cupcakes.

When you live in a small city like Perth it can be very easy to be dragged down amongst the small town haters that seem to frequent most bars, clubs and events. You know, those people that insist the show you are watching is sub par or the club you are at is "just not as good as the one in Melbourne". 

Since starting this blog i have had the opportunity to explore alot more of Perth than i usually would and i can see that there is so much going on here, if you just look. Last night  was a perfect example of this. We had the chance to view  upcoming Western Australian labels, mingle with the designers and have a few drinks with some amazingly well dressed women. I felt proud to be in Perth and smugly thought... Suck on it haters.

April Rose. 


Tea said...

Ive encountered a lot of people from Perth lately and they all say the same thing. That yes, its small but it has a 'vibe'. Nice to see your out enjoying it.

Angela said...

That first dress is amazing!

April Rose said...

Angela the dress is Little Gracie, ive written about the label a few times on here if your looking for info and it is stocked on line!

SimoneWrenRennard said...

I've always wanted to go to Perth - All my friends that have been there absolutely love it!!

Le Fanciulle said...

I agree with Angela, that first dress is so beautiful, and that cupcake is making me hungry!

Perth haters are so stupid- they spend so much time hating on Perth that they have no time left to soak in it's beauty!! <3 perth haha

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Sheri said...

I'm from melbourne, but visited Perth for the first time ever earlier in the year. I didn't think it was any less fashionable than Melbourne - the vibe was different for sure, but so is the weather :-) Loved Perth.

Frou Frou said...

Your makeup looks so fresh! Are you wearing liquid liner? That's the one makeup item I am YET to master.

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